After conducting several meetings, reworking maps, and discussing possible political solutions to our local issues, it is now apparent that we do not have the legislative consensus needed to move a cityhood bill in the legislature in a manner that would be conducive to the community building necessary to create a city in our proposed area.

While our legislators see the benefits of creating a city, they have not been able to convince the requisite number of fellow DeKalb legislators to move our bill forward as a local bill.  As a result, we now view our movement as dormant. It is not dead, but the political climate necessary to move forward currently does not exist. This does not mean we should give up. We strongly encourage everybody to share their ideas of how we should move forward whether that means pursuing annexation into existing cities, staying unincorporated or biding our time until the political climate changes so that a city bill can be brought. Either way you should all tell your legislators what you think. Engage them, call them, email them! The backbone of our society is civic engagement.

We will watch the political climate as we move through this election cycle and the upcoming legislative session, and revisit our mission at several points to determine what actions are appropriate for our future. We welcome discussion about the various annexation options, and your desires as residents of our area. Please copy us on any communications you have with our elected officials, and let us know what you think is best for your neighborhood. We still want to hear from you!

We know you are as disappointed as we are that we have come to an impasse. Thanks to your generous past support, we can afford to wait out this term and see if there is a shift in our direction. We remain committed to forwarding and supporting ideas that improve our local community. We would like to share community news and events on our platform, so if you have something of interest coming up, please let us know and we'll put it on our calendar.

Stay safe and thanks again for all your support.